Dig up the root

Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unsplash

Any self respecting gardener knows that before you can create a garden space you have to till the ground.  I am not a gardener but I learned a lot from watching my grandfather! He had a green thumb!!! He planted all kinds of things and I’d help pick them.  Whenever he was going to plant something new…he would “clean” the area that he was to plant a new crop.He’d use his various gardening tools until all you could see was dirt…FRESH GROUND! If he hadn’t removed the debris of the other plants or grass and just dug a hole and planted his new seeds…it would either render useless because the roots from the other plant would choke it out or it would grow into a hot mess of a garden with no structure or sense of purpose.  

The same goes for our lives.  We have to allow God to dig up the roots to get fresh ground.  If you have a problem that goes away and rears its ugly head again days, weeks or months later…you have to FIND THE ROOT and dig it up! Ask yourself…Why do you feel the need to overspend and then find yourself broke and bills still aren’t paid? What are you compensating for?  Why do you keep ending up with the same kind of guy? Why do your kids keep getting into trouble?Why do you feel the need to down others? Why do you allow others to down you?I could go on and on with different scenarios.Let’s face it! None of us have it all figured out!We have to take those negative things that are repetitive in our lives FIND THE ROOT AND DIG IT UP!

As mentors, it is so important and necessary to make sure that we are finding any negative roots within our lives and allowing God to pull them FOREVER and replace them with the proper seeds that will take root and create awesome fruit.  Our mentees look to us for guidance and believe it or not they are watching our lives.They are watching how we treat the cashier that forgets to give us our change, the teenager that may be disrespectful, they may even be rude to us to see how we will respond to them.   Will we react lovingly or will we snap and yell?

Every tree that you see has roots! Every beautiful flower was nourished by  roots.Even so, every emotion, every feeling, every thought, every hope, every dream, EVERYTHING within us has a root.  Some roots are there to nourish us and give life.Other roots are there to choke out positive hopes and dreams.

It is important to find the roots and allow God being the good, good father that he is to pull it up! Find the negative root to your problem and/or situation and remove it so that it doesn’t choke the life that is flourishing inside of you! While doing so, be patient with the process! Some roots may take a while to uproot but with time, patience and persistence they can be removed.  Liken it to a tree, the older the tree the deeper the roots! It’s time for us to stop making excuses for the issues that we have and make the choice to Dig the Root Up!!!

Salt and Light,