Girl you better stretch

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

I was riding in my car this morning talking to God.  I, for the life of me cannot remember the exact subject. SMH! Nevertheless, I know that prior to that thought, I was praying about my family and the many needs that we have.  Some needs are major! Some needs are minor! I was also thinking about how much I have to do and (semi) complaining about what my husband DOESN’T have to do or worry about.

Then a familiar character came to my mind. ELASTIGIRL!!! Now if you don’t know who Elastigirl is, she is the mom from the famous Disney movie “The Incredibles.”  I have seen that movie over 50 times. My kids love it. It’s a movie about a family of superheroes who each have their own unique super power. Mr. Incredible has super strength. Violet, the daughter, has the ability to become invisible and create force fields. Dash, the middle child, can run at high speeds. Baby Jack Jack has a few different powers but they aren’t discovered until the end of the movie.

Elastigirl, though, this chick is flexible! When I say flexible I mean that she can bend and stretch her body to unbelievable lengths!!! One portion of the movie displayed her ability to form into a boat like shape while her children sat inside.  I have to admit when I first saw the movie I felt as if they could have given her a better super power. I mean, stretching? That’s lame right? Well, the more I thought about it I can say, I completely missed the forest for the trees!!! As a woman, stretching is one of the greatest superpowers that she could’ve possessed. As I sit and think about the movie from beginning to end….SHE WAS THE REAL MVP…not Mr. Incredible. I mean, Mr. Incredible was great and all but HE was the main reason that all the trouble started up. She had to stop what she was doing to find and save HIM! Do you see now why I, or we as women should be able to relate to Elastigirl? We have to stretch ALL OF THE TIME…maybe not physically…but mentally and spiritually we have to constantly bend ourselves to make things happen!  

I am a wife, a mom of 4 children one of which is an infant, I have a full time job, a part time job, I’m a mentor, I have volunteer responsibilities and am I am active at my church. Now when I look at all that I just wrote in black and white I wonder, “Dang, when do I sleep?” LOL. I don’t share that with you all to show you how great and awesome I am…because TRUST ME, everyday is not a win. I share it with you so that you can take the time to see how you stretch yourself in your daily life without realizing it. You don’t have to be a wife or a mom to be busy and stretch yourself. Being a woman is enough in itself! We learn from our mothers and the other women before us how to stretch. We learn how to adapt and maintain sanity in the most frustrating or unhappy situations. We make sure that our families and those we are responsible for are taken care of even if its at the expense of our own comfort. That, my dear friends, is what stretching is all about!  We push ourselves and continue to move even when we are tired, sleepy, and frustrated. The question, now is when do we realize that we have reached our max cap when it comes to stretching? When do we say “NO!”? When do we allow ourselves to stop and rest? When is enough, enough? I cannot say for you but I can give you a few of my warning signs…

​-I am EXHAUSTED! As soon as my head hits the pillow I am KNOCKED OUT!

​-My body is more susceptible to getting sick. A cold or virus that wouldn’t normally get me…has me feeling horrible!!!

​-I am snapping at EVERYBODY! Everything gets on my nerves!

​-I have moments of feeling overwhelmed.

​When I have stretched too much nothing is right!  I have learned that in order not to lose my mind…I have to stop and rest.  Some days I have to let the dishes pile up (if you know me you know that this DRIVES ME CRAZY).  Some days I have to ask my husband to take the wheel with the littles. Some days I have to find somewhere for myself or EVERY child to go.  Just so I can focus on me and my mental health! I’d be lying if I told you, that every time I have alone time that I am praying and meditating! LOL! That ain’t true.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I just watch TV. Sometimes I get with my girls, sometimes I get my nails done, sometimes I SLEEP!!! No matter what I do, even if its only for a hour….I REST my nerves and re-up my energy.  It is good to have the ability to stretch…as a woman it is necessary! With that being said no matter what you do on a daily…whether you have jobs, kids, you’re a mentor, a wife, a teacher, and 50 other things…Just don’t forget to rest and regenerate your energy so that you can continue to stretch!!!! Until next time…girl, you better stretch…then rest!

Salt and Light,