Interview with a mentor

Our mentors are true GEMS! Truth be known, lives of teen moms wouldn’t be impacted the way they are if it weren’t for them! These women serve in such a selfless, God fearing, grace giving way. Recently, I had to opportunity to ask one of our current mentors a few questions that give you an inside look at what being a mentor is all about. Here’s a little look into the conversation we had:

A: What’s been the best part of being a mentor? 

M: For me, the best parts are the gains that I see in my mentee. When I see her growing as a mom or as an adult! When she says things like, “I was respectful with my mom and chose my words carefully,” those things bring me joy!

A: What was the hardest part about being a mentor? 

M: Giving truth! Giving truth in a situation where you know that your  mentee is hurt or upset. Sometimes putting that mirror in front of her is hard because you want to hug her and let her vent but when they are wrong and need to hear it, it’s very important to give it to them. 

A: That’s hard no matter who it is!

A: Why did you choose to become a mentor? 

M: Growing up and even into womanhood, I was blessed to have mentors that helped me make it through. I just wanted to do that for someone else!

A: What is your favorite memory as a mentor? 

M: It most definitely was when my mentee began to trust me and had an honest conversation about her life and where she was in her life. 

A: Why would you recommend becoming a mentor? 

M: Becoming a mentor is rewarding! To see the life of a teen mom flourish and grow right in front of you is a blessing.  There will be gains and loses but we are in it for the gains! Seeing the gains make the losses worth it!

Ahhhh…what a refreshing and honest perspective!