That’s what Imani is!

When she first inquired about the program, she was the typical teen mom on a first visit. Hesitant. Distant. Fading into the background amongst the girls who had found their place in the community. Reaching out was her last ditch effort to turn her life around. 

That was two years ago.

In those two years Imani was a resident of The Grace Home. It was the home baby Sophia came to from the hospital.

During her time at the home, she and her daughter were invested in 24 hours a day. There was help with homework, guidance with feeding schedules and diaper changes. She was pointed to Christ daily in conversations and devotions. She was listened to when she was broken hearted and given advice when she was ready and open for it. It was a season of much growth.


On her own she prematurely made the decision to move out. Her next steps were prayed over and wisdom extended. Most importantly, she was told she was loved and reminded that people believed in her and that Grace Home would be around if she needed anything. 

No one ever thought Imani would come back.

God had other plans!

A few months later and after being tossed around by the world, she returned. She journeyed through the process of re-enrolling and proved that she was back, committed and ready to turn her life around. And that, she did!

She enrolled as part of The Grace Project mentoring program and since then has graduated school, purchased a car, has her own apartment, made friends, was baptized, actively attends church, and has chosen to get connected with the right individuals. Is she perfect? NO! Has she come a long way? YES! 

She is a work in progress like most people.

This past Mother’s day, she was honored in front of a group of golfers during Grace Home Ministries’ annual golf tournament. The same accomplishments were publicly recited to her. It was the first time she had heard everything she had accomplished aloud and she lost it. She was so overwhelmed by it all that she cried and uttered, “no one was there for me but Grace Home….”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. 

The truth is that Imani was served by a community of individuals. Her life was impacted by every individual who made a physical and financial investment in her life, the life of her daughter and the lives of moms like her. The truth is, GHM’s doors would not be open if it wasn’t for the amazing community of people like you…YOU!