You have enough in your treasure box

Photo by Nvdu on Unsplash

I was listening to a message from Andy Stanley today and it struck a chord in my spirit.  He was speaking about mentoring…perfect topic, huh? He referenced the parable of the talents. You know…the one where the master gave 3 different servants 3 different “talents.” Two of them multiplied their talents and the third put his away in order to “save” it and not lose any of it. That is how we should look at our lives experiences. Sometimes we “put away” things that are meant to be shared with others for their growing purposes. The 3 servants all thought that what they were doing with the “talents” given was the best thing.  The first two multiplied their talents. The third one didn’t multiply his because he hid his in fear. We can’t be like the third servant. God has provided us with a treasure box! This box is full of all of the talents, life experiences and every jewel that we need to fill others. That being said, I want to share what I took away from the message:

  1. Each of us has a unique blend of life experiences to help someone else.
  • Sometimes we look at our lives as mundane and boring or maybe we feel like we’ve done some not so great things and are ashamed.   
  • The past’s mistakes do not count you out.  If anything they qualify you to say, “Hey, I tried that and that is not the best way to handle this.”

     2. Your life’s value is measured by what you give away.  

  • What are you doing to help someone else along the way?
  • Are you giving your wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences to those around you that are in need of it?

     3. As a mentor you should always have women who are a few years younger, and some just a stage of life behind you to pour into.

  • The Bible speaks of older women teaching the younger women. Titus 2:3-5
  • The Bible also speaks about “iron sharpening, iron.” Prov 27:17

You have ENOUGH in your treasure box! God will fill you and refill you when necessary!

Salt and Light,