More questions?

Read our FAQ’s to better understand how Grace Home Ministries can help you.

How does someone qualify for the program?

Pregnant and teen moms ages 13-20 are welcome to explore The Grace Project mentoring program by contacting Jessica Toney at

Once a Grace Project Application is completed, submitted and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted and entered into the application process. Upon completion of the application process, a decision will be made by the Program Coordinator.

Admission is based upon the ability to help. Those who do not qualify may be referred to other agencies/organizations that may be better equipped to meet the specific needs. The organization does not discriminate with regard to race or religious affiliation.

Where are the young ladies from that participate in any of the programs?

Currently, program participants come from all across the Richmond Metro and Tri-cities area.

How much does it cost?

Participation in The Grace Project mentoring program is absolutely FREE!

How long can a young woman participate?

A young woman enrolled as a participant in The Grace Project mentoring program, can have access to a mentor for up to 2 years upon entering into the program or until their child turns 2 years of age.

Does a young lady HAVE to place her child for adoption?

No. However, every participant is required to explore and learn about BOTH adoption options and the responsibility of parenting.

In fact, about 60% of young women make a parenting plan while 40% pursue an adoption plan. Regardless of the teen mother’s decision, GHM staff will work diligently to help meet the needs of each participant.

For the Caregiver

Hearing that your teen is pregnant is probably not what you ever expected to hear. Hearing, “I’m pregnant” may bring up feelings ranging from anger to sadness, disappointment and even hurt. Believe us, these feelings don’t last forever and in time, they will turn into feelings of coping, moving forward and maybe even happiness.

What both you and your teen need to know is that you are not alone!

There is still hope for a bright future! It will be different, it will take hard work and commitment but keep in mind that life is not over.

The best thing you can do for your daughter is to get her help and allow her time and a safe space to deal with all the crazy emotions she may be experiencing.  That’s where Grace Home Ministries comes in!  We are here to be a support for you and her, while also preparing her for whatever picture of motherhood she should chose.

With help and support, you and your daughter can embrace and take hold of this change and prepare for it. As hard as it may be to believe, life will go on and can be better than you ever imagined.

Let Grace Home Ministries have the opportunity to explore whether or not the mentoring program is the right place for your teen during her pregnancy.

Mentoring Program

The Grace Project, serves pregnant teens, teen mothers and their children in the Richmond Metro and Tri-Cities Area.

Participants in this program are paired with trained mentors who journey through pregnancy and parenthood with their “mentee.” Each “mentee” & their mentor work through curriculum in an effort to prepare each mother for the various stages of pregnancy and milestones in child development. The curriculum focuses on topical areas that include parenting, adoption, child safety/first-aid, prenatal and childbirth classes and other inspiring topics!

Through their participation in the program, teen moms are able to earn points that can be exchanged for items in the “baby boutique.”

In addition, moms experience a supportive community through once a month M&M (mentor/mentee) nights to have fun, hear from speakers, or engage in team building activities.