Salt and Light

Recently, I was reading Matthew 5:13-16. I’ve read these verses before and know them well. I even use “Salt and Light” as my closing salutation. But as I was revisiting these verses, something struck me more profoundly than ever before.

Salt is commonly used to season our food. You can prepare a meal with various seasonings and gravy, and it may taste acceptable. However, when you add salt, it enhances the flavors. It brings the meal to life! What is salt if it isn’t salty? It becomes nothing more than something we use to prevent slipping and falling on icy ground. It loses its primary purpose, which is to flavor your food.

Similarly, what is a light if we cover it up? Would you sit in a dark room and struggle to find your way when you have a light source? What’s the point of having light if we never flip the switch and let it shine for the world to see?

As Christians, we are called to be both salt and light. We bring seasoning and flavor to the world while illuminating it with the love of Christ. Jesus instructs us to be a light so that others can witness our good deeds and glorify God.

Everything we do should ultimately be for the glory of God, not for self-promotion. Our purpose is to direct men and women towards the true and living God.


Salt and Light,