Slow Down and Pay Attention

Imagine this scenario:

You wake up to a sunny day, offer a quick prayer, and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth. In the kitchen, you prepare coffee and lunch. After getting ready, you leave for work, passing busy bus stops without much notice. An unplanned stop at the store for potluck supplies reveals a struggling mom with her kids, and your impatience grows. A man asking for help goes unnoticed due to your hurry. Work goes well, and you return home. Along the way, you see a homeless woman but keep going. At home, you enjoy family time, dinner, and TV before bedtime. You’re safe, content, and blessed.

This typical day highlights how we often take blessings for granted and prioritize convenience over helping others.  Matthew 25:34-40 reminds us to care for those in need, treating it as service to God.

To improve, count blessings, slow down, pay attention, and help those you can. Embrace fresh perspectives to see overlooked needs. Volunteering is a powerful way to make a difference. Grace Home and other organizations offer volunteering opportunities for various causes.

Remember, this isn’t about guilt but growth. Even I feel compelled to do more in my community as I write this. Let’s start by giving our time to causes that matter.

Just to give you a good starting point, here are a few different places you can give and/or volunteer!

Grace Home Ministries
Mercy Mall
Chesterfield Food Bank
Hope Tree Family Services
Feed More
East End Pregnancy Center
Chesterfield Pregnancy Help Center

If none of these are of interest to you contact your local church for more suggestions.

Salt and Light,

Jessica Toney
Executive Director
Grace Home Ministries